Po.57. Padron – Santiago de Compostela

After a stormy night we woke up earlier than usual. We want to start before 8 because it’s going to be a long walk today. We do the normal morning rituals and are before 8 outside our windy hostel. The wind came out the electric sockets….😭

Outside they were putting up the Sunday market….. It was still dark….. But we could see the arrows and directions. And other pilgrims walking…. It’s a little bit cold, damp and foggy, but we had no difficulty finding our way.

Starting in the dark means seeing the sunlight coming up, the beautiful colours it makes in the sky, especially with foggy mist clouds hanging low. The forecast for this day was rain, every hour had more than 50% chance of rain…. But we were lucky so far.

Just before 10 we past by a church which is also a place pilgrims go to.  In a Escravitude is a Maria shrine Sta. Maria de Cruces, we saw pilgrims walking towards us to attend mass. We visited the church and went on with our walk, uphill, and down and up. Lucky us, still no rain.

At the church and a bit later we saw the Dutch and Belgium friends for the last time, when we had our Coffee break. The walk went on, still more than 15k to go.

We passen by a dogshelter,  walked uphill through a forrest and down through a village. And we started the last long climb of the day.  We met an Italian couple, who also visited the Philippines once.

In Opcion we had a lunch, the roof of our camino, the highend point. From here it’s  just 7,8 k to the Cathedral. Going downhill…… And i forgot to mentionthat we had a small rainshower…..After 3 corners we could see Santiago de Compostela and the 3 towers of the church.

We thought it woud only go down, but we still had to conquer a few steep climbs. We walked along a small hill and enteren Santiago.  We entered through the suburbs.  It was still 1,5 k until our destination.

When we reached the old town part is was crowded with People. Sunday around 14.45 People having fun….. And we reached the square, from the right side of the Cathedral.  A lot of pilgrims we celebrating their achievements, as we were.

After maling some photo’s, we went inside the cathedral. We walked around but could not visit the grave. After we asked how, we had to go outside and look for the Holy Doors. Through those we were able to pass by the grave of Saint James the Major.

Now up to the pilgrims Office to register and receive our certificate,  the Credential. We had to fill in a digital form, get a number and wait…… Within the hour we received the credential and we could go to our hostal.

After a rest and shower we went out to eat….. As 3 years ago we now also ordered a seafood platter, 6 different seafood items and potatoes,  enough for 3 or 4 persons. After this early diner we bought some souvenirs and went back to the Cathedral to attend the 19.30 mass.

Arriveer at the church we had to fall in line, a very long line….. we stood there for more than 45 minutes.  Just before the mass started we heard it was full, the maximum capacity was reached. A lot of People were not able to go in. Next mass, tomorrow morning 07.30.

When waiting in line we saw the Italian couple again and we went 2 People from the Philippines. We visited the grave one more time and went back to our hostal for the usual thans.


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