Po.54. Redondela – Portevedra

Followers already know how our day starts, so I can leave that part out. If you’re a new follower and this is the first part you read, just start at the beginning of our journey, it’s better to start at the beginning.

We had our breakfast in the pension and left around some time…… When we closed the door behind us, we saw the Dutch man from yesterday opening a window above us. He and his companion stayed in the same pension as us. We asked him where they had a reservation for this coming night and would you believe me when I write: the same as ours? Just believe me, it’s true.

We started walking and soon we saw other pilgrims on the road. First in Redondela and than outside in the suburbs and nature. The trail went up and away….. We see a woman selling small items and giving stamps to those how want them. Just making a small but of money from us pilgrims.

We already see some familiar pilgrims on route. And also new ones. Sometimes the trail goes up steep, sometimes down a bit and off course up some more. After we climbed the first hill we walked down to Arcade. At the national road we saw a group coming from the left. These are pilgrims who took the Coastal route from Porto.

In Arcade, just at the other end of the Roman bridge we stopped for a coffee and fruit juice. And a stamp of course…. We need at least 2 stamps a day….. If we want to receive the Compostela in Santiago.

The second part can start, going uphill again. Just outside Arcade we heard a backpipe playing music. Not only in Scotland they play the backpipe but also in some parts of Spain. We walked on and see again 2 people selling small items and giving stamps.

After the 2nd hill we went down passing a area were they are making a new national road, be careful when passing by bike. A bit further I expected a cafeteria so I when left to check, but soon 2 Spanish people were calling me to tell me that I took the wrong road. After me asking if there’s a cafeteria near they said dos kilometros further on the trail.

We kept on following the trail, see some more pilgrims and also, after more than 2 k a sign of a cafeteria 50 meters off trail. We had our late lunch there and started for our 3 part of the day.

We came to a splitting point where we had to choose: take the normal route ( following a busy street) or the Complemantarios ( more scenic and quiet) following a small river to Pontevedra. We took the scenic route.

Just before Pontevedra the 2 routes joined together again. Now we had to walk some 2 k to reach our hostel. From the suburbs to the older part of town, passing shops and a church. Just before we came to our hostel we saw our neighbors from this morning, they had already arrived.

We took a rest in our room, took a bath and went outside again for sightseeing and diner. When we came back to our room, we made we our vlog and blog and later on fell asleep……🥱😴😪🌜


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