Po.53. o Porriño – Redondela

At the usual time we wake up, too early…. We had our breakfast in the kitchen with the for we bought yesterday. And when we left our backpacks were still there. It was a quarter to 9…. We hope the service will pick them up.

We went to the Camino to pick up the trail and already saw pilgrims. During the first 5 minutes some little drops of rain came down, but it stopped before we were crossing the highway. And we were apparently not the only pilgrims….. The line behind us grew…… A lot we saw following us. We were the TomTom for all of them….. TomTom=Navigation.

Most of our day we walked outside…. Of cities. We were just passing by some very small villages, walking under trees and uphill…. A little bit downhill and uphill again. We also met a Belgian and Dutch pilgrim, it was their first day on the Camino.

The sun was our companion today and all the pilgrims….. We were not the only one walking. The last climb we expected to be longer, but at noon we were already going downhill to Redondela. On the steep downhill road we had our lunch.

It was steep, the downhill walk, not only for use but for all the pilgrims. At 13.15 we arrived at the pension were we would sleep. The owner was very friendly and helpful. He already put our backpacks in our room, a room for 4 persons, just for the 2 of us…..

After we had a break in our room, we took a shower and washed our clothes, there was a washing machine and dryer just outside our room. With the wash finished we wanted to have an early dinner. Looking on internet is was difficult to find a restaurant where we could eat early.

The one we thought and went, no cook too early…. Looking for restaurants made us decide to buy ready made mails to hear up in the microwave at the pension. Also some noodles for later this night.

We had enough time to make our blogs and vlog for all our followers on internet…..



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wat mooi om te lezen Paul, het klinkt als een prachtige dag, die van gisteren!

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