Po.52. Valença – o Porriño

This morning we were awake before the alarm clock rang…. As usual. We prepared ourselves and the backpacks, so they could be picked up again for this new stage.

We left our packs at the reception and we went out to a cafeteria for breakfast. We had coffee, tea and 3 🥐 and we paid less than 5 €…..  Afterwards we went back to the hotel and picked up our small backpacks and started walking just before 9.

We walked downhill to the old iron bridge to cross the Minho river into Spain. It’s just a 15 minute walk but we arrived in Spain at 10.15….😂. Different timezones….. In Tui we had to walk down first before we could start our way up to the cathedral of Tui. To enter you have to pay, but because we are Pilgrims the price is lower.

Afterwards it’s going downhill again to the path of our way. The weather is good, no clouds and a shining sun for the whole day ….. We walk through woods, on roads and crossing over a highway. The road goes slightly up and down, up and down.

Just past 12 we have a break for lunch before we go on for part 2 of this walk. The most boring part of today’s walk is ahead. We will pass an industrial area, a road of 4 and 2 km long. We could also choose a more scenic route, but it would be 2 extra km.  The change in timezones made us decide to take the short route, otherwise we would be later in our overnight stay.

It was indeed a boring stretch to walk, but it had to be taken otherwise we wouldn’t reach o Porriño. We had to look hard for our pension….. The address was a restaurant without any signs of the pension. When we inquired we were at the right address. After registering a waiter took us to a different place, 300 meters away to a apartment which was redesigned into 4 bedrooms (each with a bathroom) and a kitchen. Our backpacks were already present.

After a resting period we went out again to see the town and looking for a place to eat and do some shopping for tomorrow.

Walk – Eat – Sleep – repeat…….

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