Po.50b. Travelling to starting point

Today, Sunday, we have a slow start. We had a late breakfast before we started our travel to Vila Nova da Cerveira. From the hotel I was just 5 minutes walking to the metro line, in Porto we changed to a different line to come to train station Campanhã. We had some time to spend, because our train would leave at 13.10.

It was a crowded short train and we were not the only pilgrims inside, we saw several backpacks with the white shell on the back. The train stopped many times, just before 15.00 be reached our destination. Even our overnight stay was not far from the station.

We could check in and look for a grocery store. We went sightseeing, saw some other pilgrims and checked out the restaurants for our dinner later this day.

We went back to our room, took a shower and went to the public laundry shop to wash and dry our clothes. And the time flies when you look at tumbling wash…. So after it was dry we went to a restaurant for our dinner…..

When we were finished eating and went outside I wanted to but my poncho away, but decided not to…… And then……. We walked back to our room, on our way I made a picture…. We walked up to our room and I wanted to take out the key card…… No key card because my wallet was gone….. We rushed outside looking for my wallet. First to the place I took the photo, no wallet.. Maricon hurried back to the restaurant….. Outside underneath the table she found the wallet… All my cards were still there… Thank you St. James for watching over us…..

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