Po.50. Preparing 2 go 2

Friday, this would be the day which I would pass by Porto, if I had not stopped my camino. The period between me stopping and us leaving I had a lot of thoughts. Still looking for the reason if I coulkd have gone through.

When I look back, I know now that I made the right decision. The first week back I slept more than 8 hours per night, normally just 6 hours. And at noon I made naps of more than 1 hour. Those were deep sleeps, so I really had a shortage of rest. From now on, I always need to bring my CPAP with me.

The last 5 days I slept without the watertank connected to the CPAP, to check if the humidity is enough to sleep. I do not need to bring it with me, saves some space in the backpack.

We will fly from Eindhoven to Porto, visit Fatima on Saturday, going there with a rental car. On Sunday we take the train to Vila Nova de Cerveira. Monday will be our first of 7 days walking to Santiago de Compostela. The total of kilometers will be 136 (give of take).

After our finish in Santiago de Compostela we will go to Madrid and explore this European capitol. Our first time to Madrid. We will visit also some places with Filipino history and a brand new Filipino fast-food restaurant Jollibee.

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