Po.21. Hebron – Santiago de Compostela

It’s Saturday, may 27 and I am sitting in a bar/restaurant in Santiago when I’m writing this. I finished my Camino Portuguese. It takes long before I get my order. Did he get my order, or does it take long to make?

But how was the day? The night in the monastery? I didn’t sleep better than in other places. But the wake up call was nice. The volunteer woke us with church music.

The breakfast was toast, coffee, Madelaine’s, nothing fancy. And after a thank you and burn camino it’s time to go. Follow the yellow arrows to Padron, where the church is still closed. So on to the way, on to Santiago. Following the pilgrims who woke up in Padron.

The roads are familiar and I know what to expect. Only the people walking are different. So what can I tell? It’s going okay. I take my first stop at the same place as last year. Watching the herds walking, will they finish today also?

It’s starting to get warmer, the woods are a bit cooler but short….. Concrete makes it warmer. And the second stop of the day is in the same place as last year. Only this time at a cafetaria. And then on to the last 8 km. I still have room for 1 stamp so I decide for the complinentario and hope to get a stamp at the monastery. But the church was closed to no extra stamp.

I continue the last 3 km to the square. Walking through the crowded street and entering the Piazza…… It’s completed, I finished…….Thank you Saint James…..

On to the ceminario menor…… The waiting line in at t her reception takes long. But I get my single room, take a shower and go to the pilgrims office. If it’s not too late I might get my certificate today. Oops I did not bring a facial mask. In a shop I can get one for free….. I get a number, still 200 ahead of me. So I go to the Dutch Santiago living room. Talk with the Dutch volunteers there and after closing time wait in the garden. There I have a talk with 2 Americans and see 2 of the pilgrims from last night passing by, they already got there certificate but did not go to there Albergue yet.

It took almost 2 hours before it was my turn. After getting the compostela I went to the cathedral, walked through the holy doors and take a seat for mass, but still had to wait for 1 hour. After mass I passed by Saint James grave light candles and went to eat. Beck to the Albergue talk to home. Make my blog and vlog and go to sleep.



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