Po.20. Caldas de Reis – Herbón

Ooh no…… Caldas de Reis, so near to Santiago. Today I get up late, breakfast is at 8 and the distance to walk short. I want to sleep in the monastery of Herbón. This is not on route but just 3 km away…. And it’s on first come base with limited beds, only 30.

So after breakfast I start walking at 08.30 and once I get outside the pilgrims already walking, a lot of them…… Follow the arrows, but it’s familiar ground. It goes, why not, up and down again. And pilgrims, the tourist ones…..

What can I write about to day that I did not write before? That I leave the Camino at around 13.00 to follow red arrows leading my way to Herbón. Just follow these arrows and after 30 minutes your at the monastery. There are already 2 pilgrims waiting, I am the third and we need to wait till 16.00 that’s the time the doors opens.

Slowly other pilgrims come and at 15.30 we can start registering ourselves. There are strict rules we need to follow and it’s not free, that’s not what donativo means. You’ll get a bed, dinner and breakfast and you pay what ever you want……

Only 3 showers, with hot water….. So it’s traffic jam….. Guided tour of thee monastery at 18.00, mass at 20.00 with special gift and blessings and diner at 20.30.

Pilgrims from: USA, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Spain. Not all beds are occupied.

So tomorrow morning we are not allowed to get up early, there will be a wake up call at 06.45, followed with breakfast and kick-out at 08.00.



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