Po.18. o Porriño – Ponte Sampaio

It’s Wednesday, May 25, day 18 of my Portugese Caminho, day 14 this year of my continuation. The wake up time is 6.20 but the sleeping time according to the watch and appis not very good. It’s an on and off sleep , even with the CPAP.

Breakfast is included, so at the bar there’s a buffet we can choice from. And again the family is very helpful.

At 7.40 I leave the Albergue for the next stage, what can I remember from last year and can I see what’s different? The first few hundreds of meters (Walk) I have to walk to the trail again, I go north to pick it up at the end (or beginning) of the town. I know where to go, pass by the place we stayed last year.

Just outside the town I see a familiar small bus, from yesterday. At Mos, the first village with a cafeteria it’s crowded again with the tourist pilgrims. I have a cappuccino and walk on. Places look familiar and almost nothing has changed. But the numbers of pilgrims did change, in comparison to last year. Too many almost…..

I recognize almost everything, not much changed this 8 months. What could have changed, it seemed like the whole world stood still because of Covid. In Redondela, after a very steep downhill, I have my lunch, Cappuccino, tosta and tortilla. The barkeeper looked strange at my order, but served it anyway.

After 30 minutes got up again and walked on… And again a group of pilgrims in front of me…… Slowly passing this chicken-ren and onwards. Later I saw a couple and asked them if they’re Filipinos, yes, but they live in Toronto, Canada….. It’s her 60 th birthday, he is 70……

The steep climb in front makes my muscle sour and also the upcoming downhil and short climb into Arcade makes my muscle shout for a break…… But it’s just 2,5 km to the albergue, so keep walking. My bed awaits me.

The Albergue will be full tonight, maybe 10 Dutch people, a few Asians, Americans, Germans, Spanish and Portuguese. After a shower and break I go for a drink near the old Roman bridge. I am amazed how the people in car respect each other here, the bridge is narrow, so you need to wait to cross, and they do it in a very nice and good way, people in my street can learn a lot here.

I see the Toronto’s Filipinos again, they still need to walk 8 km to Pontevedra. And the American family with the big stroller passed by also, but they stay in the same Albergue as me.

Later again a pilgrims menu (Eat) and afterwards to bed (Sleep), because tomorrow’s Repeat.



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