Po.17. Baços – o Porriño

It’s Tuesday May 24, and the time? My watch and smartphone show the Spanish time, but I am still in Portugal, so -1 hour….. But it’s not s problem, because Spain is just 75 minutes away.

I wake up, don’t know the time, to go to the toilet and then back to bed. But I don’t really sleep anymore. I don’t know when I really stand up, but after me the Italians follow. Even at breakfast we sit together, but I am the first to leave the Albergue.

Because this is not a regular stop, according to all the books, it’s quiet on the Camino. The walk to Valença is just 6 km and I wonder where I get on the track where Didi and me walked last year. I see the roads where we walked last year coming into Valença, but the place the 2 Camino’s meet is at the fountain past the hotel we stayed last year.

Last year we walked directly to the bridge, because on our arrival day we already visited the fortella. Now I keep on the Camino which brings me to the fortella and going the original way out of Valença.

The bridge between the two countries is still the same… This time I take the right side of the bridge, last year we walked on the left side. So I can shoot different pictures from last year. And I see already some pilgrims.

Once on Spain, the walk continuous….. hehehe…..

When I reached the cathedral, I saw a huge crowd of Spanish pilgrims. The one that do not carry a backpack, get refreshments from the organisation with whom they booked. It was quiet difficult to receive a stamp at the cathedral. But the one issuing it, saw that this pilgrim already made some kilometers.

Getting out of the cathedral and out of Tui was also not easy. The numbers of pilgrims now is overwhelming. If you compared with the previous weeks. The territory I am on now is familiar. I walked here before. Maybe this is the reason that I don’t take that much pictures and video. The road continuous….. I take my lunch at exactly the same place as last year. But now it’s more crowded……

And going along the road with more pilgrims it’s different, are they really pilgrims or just people on holiday?

9 kilometer before o Porriño I have to make the most difficult choice. Go left and thake the scenic route, or go straight ahead as last year and take the official industrial route……. Though choice, I turn left.

Why walk the same route twice when you can change….😂😇.

This route is much nicer and just 1,7 km longer. I think the last parti turned to quickly on the official route again, going in to o Porriño.

The Albergue I booked is not really on the Camino, just a bit off, but it’s clean and great value for money.

Later I will eat somewhere don’t know where don’t know when.

But what I do know is: tomorrow I walk again…..


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