Po.14. Vilarinho – Barcelos

Last night I woke up just a few times very shortly but was awake before the alarm. The roommate woke up when I was arranging my stuff, but stayed in bed checking his phone. There were no other guest in this dormitory, except for the 2 French ladies in the private room.

The included breakfast was cereal, coffee, crackers, jam, milk. Just a simple small breakfast.

I think it was a quarter to 7 when I left the Albergue, on my way to Barcelos. The 2 ladies already left and in front of them a saw another pilgrim. The forecast was cloudy, and it’s ☁️☁️☁️. The 🌞 tries to break through but had to fight for it….

Not long after the start I and all other pilgrims, pass over an old Roman bridge, keeps me reminding of the bridges in Spain.

As expected, more pilgrims on the road, new pilgrims, the ones I haven’t seen yet and mostly started in Porto. And today for the first time this Camino someone said “goede morgen” as I had past him. He recognised my Limburg flag at my backpack.

I take only 1 stop today, my late coffe break/early lunch break in a village. When entering the cafetaria I almost fainted….. At a table a familiar person was having also his break….. Someone from Scandinavia, Fred the Norwegian…. It’s Ben again a few days that we haven’t seen eachother and now bump into each other again. Would it be the last time or not…..

He moves on again, also to Barcelos. Later the Dutch couple comes in for their break, we talk a little and then it gets more crowded, time to go on, the last 12 km door today.

The marble Milestones of the Camino are now appearing, the countdown of the km has started. I pass by the 200 km marker. In Barcelos is just 195 km to go. When I go out for dinner you’ll see more pilgrims…. It’s that kind of town. I make my bookings for the last days ahead, only 1 date stays open because I don’t know if it’s possible to stay there where I plan to stay. You cannot make a reservation there.

We will wait and see…..





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