Po.13. Porto – Vilarinho


Thank God It’s Friday, May 20. Another day closer to Santiago de Compostela. Today there’s a long walk ahead of me, again almost 30 km. But…… because I am Dutch and we like to get what we pay for, overnight stay and breakfast, we want to have the breakfast as well. 1 problem, breakfast is served from 08.00 o’clock.

Yesterday after my arrival I walked another 10km through Porto and on all previous days I also walked extra km. Knowing this, and the late departure I decided to take the metro out of Porto and skip the suburban and industrial zone walk. It’s also written in several books that this is done frequently.

Once I got of metro line C at Forum Gaia I had to find my way to the Camino. 1 other positive thing is, I will not follow the wrong arrows, because from Porto you can follow 4 arrows. 1 Blue, leading to Fatima, so easy not to choose. But there are also 3 yellow markers, for 3 Camino’s going North. The Coastal, The Central and The ….. It’s connecting the Central with the Coastal, passing by the airport.

After 20 minutes of walking with Google maps, heading to a Albergue just north on the Camino, I already found a market and underneath it it was printed: The Central Portuguese…..

So now just follow these signs… And after just 20 minutes I saw a couple of pilgrims an the other side of the road, phoning. Later on I saw again 2 pilgrims walking and stopping at my stop, coffee break… They are from France and just started today…. Going to Vilarinho…..like me.

I take it slow today, really slow…My average is just 12.05 minutes p/km.

The sun seems to be more brutal, or is it just me…… Slowly walking makes my mind go walking different directions as well.

Just at noon I take a longer than usual lunch break, otherwise I will be to early at the albergue. Copplestones, old Romana roads….. You’ll feel every step you make…. At around 14.00 I arrive at the albergue, as the first visitor of the night. Later the 2 French ladies arrive, they booked the separated room. I sleep in the 5 beds dormitory and I think 3 of the beds are reserved, because they are prepared with sheets and so on……

After my shower I relax, relax, lazy day. Tomorrow is a day of 30km.

So for now and so early, goodbye.


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