Po.12. São João…..- Vila Nova de Gaia (Porto)

Thursday May 19, my 8th day this year and 12th day in total of the Caminho Portuguese from Lisboa. Of the 611 km to Santiago, today after arriving at my hostel Sandeman, 248 km will remain….. So it’s already 363 km of Portuguese concrete gravel, sand and so on behind me, still some 130 km of Portuguese road ahead of me and 118 km of Spanish road.

This morning breakfast at 7, so I started really late 07.30. It’s the latest until now, but tomorrow it will be even later…. Because breakfast is at 08.00 in the hostel.

How was it today? Beautiful weather, sun sun and 🌞☀️🌞. The temperature went up up and up. I didn’t see a lot of pilgrims today, maybe 6, but also some on bikes, more than the walking pilgrims. And maybe also 6 pilgrims going to Fatima.

And today the road went up and down and…… I keep repeating my self each day.

When walking through the small villages I often wonder who will be living in those new houses. You’ll see old and very old houses, but also newer and not finished build houses. In those villages you mostly see older people, but very few younger people. Maybe they are working in the city….? And all newer houses have the blinds down…..

I had 2 breaks today and was late at the hostel 15.15. I walked 34 km today, and the last hour in the suburbs of Porto. The hostel is at the river Douro and on the other river side is Porto.

After my bath I walked to Se Cathedral to get my stamp of Porto, looked for a lavandaria to wash again my clothes. Every other day is washing day. During my walk in Porto, it was crowded with tourist, and maybe also with pilgrims 😁😆.

I stop this journal….. Tomorrow another 1…..


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