Po.11. Albergaria -Sao João da Madeira

Today, when I am at my next stop it is 338,5 km from Lisboa, and only 276,2 km to Santiago de Compostela. So either yesterday or today I crossed the halfway marker.

I was again up early this night, had to go to the bathroom and it was a restless night as well. The Italian bikers were also a bit loud.

The morning rituals I do not write again, but 1 thing is really different than all other days before: it’s drizzling outside. The kind of drizzling that needs a poncho or not…… I take out the poncho and use it until my lunch break. But what use is a poncho when you sweet like me under it and you are wet as without using a poncho…..

Due to this weather the sights are less and less far. The making of video will also be limited.

Since the evening in Coimbra I haven’t seen Fred from Norway….. And this wasn’t a good Caminho if I would not see him again….. At my lunch place he was sitting inside…… How coincidence, he walked the other day more than 45 km. The day I walked only +25 km.

He has also a room in the town were I will stop…. So you never know…..

Just at 14.15 I arrive at my overnight stay and do the usual things. In the evening I eat at a Wok-restaurant, just behind where I sleep. Tomorrow I will arrive at the border of Porto. So 12 days from Lisbon to Porto.

I won’t be the tourist in Porto because I have already been there 4 years ago. Now I will be a pilgrim.


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