Po.06. Tomar – Alvaiazere

Hello today it’s Friday the thirteenth and this morning I got up again at 6 o’clock and after the ritual of getting up at 7 o’clock I started my second walking day. Today a trip of more than 30 kilometers is on the program and it should be more beautiful than yesterday’s I was told. After a few hundred meters I saw the Korean woman again walking a little slower than I was walking, which meant that at some point we walked together again and that was along a river on a narrow path. At one point that narrow path turned into quite a steep slope that we had to climb and after a few hundred meters she gave up because it was the style for her and she wanted to continue at her own pace. So I continued on my own and it was already a sunny day early in the morning, so the temperature is rising faster than yesterday. But after 2 slopes, at a certain point two women walked in front of me, a larger and smaller one, the latter from Venezuela and the first from the Netherlands from Brabant, Tilburg to be precise. After a very short hello I kept my pace and walked on and after about 11 kilometers I made a stop for a drink at a small cafeteria. At one point, the two ladies also sat down to have a drink and saw the woman from Korea continue walking, got up after drinking and picked up the thread again by continuing on the Camino. The temperature went up quite quickly and the roads were up and down and up and down until at a certain moment I saw the Korean in front of me again at an information board where you could choose from left and right. To the left was two steep slopes with in between a descent to the right was 700 meters longer but a gradual ascent. I chose the left-hand variant and the Korean followed me, but at some point had to drop out again. The road was quite steep and the temperature was actually quite high. At one point I looked at the app to see if I was still on the route but it said that I had seen a sign wrong so I walk back and look, I followed the signs correctly, only the app is still outdated and is the old route in the app and not the new one. I chose the old route here. You could see from the route that you were not walked much anymore. At a certain point you walked back on the route where the new route also ends. You walked a lot on asphalt and the sun made sure that the heat also came from below and 4 Spaniards walked in front of me. I stopped at the second-to-last albergue and had lunch. It was a late lunch well after 1 o’clock, a salad with a lot of drink, luckily I was also able to refill my water bottle for the last hour and a half. Fred was also resting in the albergue, Fred is the man from Norway, he left earlier, but we would meet again in the albergue at the place to stay. In the place where I would spend the night there was also a small detour of the Camino because the road had been shifted. Fortunately I was able to follow the signs on the road to the albergue and I arrived there at 3:20 am. After registering, I did a little bit of shopping through the village. My laundry was dropped off at the laundromat, yes, which I was then able to pick up clean and dry at 6:30 AM. I share the room with an elderly man from Italy I also had dinner tonight with sweetie at a restaurant around the corner for now thanks for reading and see you later.

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