English Archive Explained

I started in 2014 with my first web-site/Blog on my Synology N.A.S. Its was just written in HTML, nothing with a lot of bling-bling. I used my N.A.S. already for a few things, but not as a public Website host. The occasion of going for a little walk was the reason why I changed from simple HTML to WordPress. My website became a BLOG/Website.

Al articel I wrote were written in Dutch, my native language. If Dutch is not one of the language you are albe to read, you could use Google Translate, or any other tool, to translate the pages into the language you prefer.

End of 2019 my N.A.S. and it’s software were not functioning the way it should, so I had to do something. I read about Raspberry Pi, a system on a chip board with lots of capabilities. So I bought and started to remake a new website/Blog. The old information was not lost, so I copied it to the new site, more like an archive, but still all in Dutch.

To make it easier for non-native Dutch visitors, I let Google Translate translate all my Dutch pages into English. This ment that Dutch joke propably will not work translated into English, as m any other other things, but I hope you still will enjoy reading the information your looking for.