Day 34. Mélide – Salceda 14-06-2018

Walk 27.7 km, 6 hours 6 minutes
Ascent: 400 meters
Descend: 580 meters
Kilometers to be traveled: 28.9

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Gosh, another night passed, just a little while and I’m in Santiago. Delicious and at the same time a bit of a shame. I love it because I go back to “de Waereldsjtadt”, to my dear wife and daughter. I can’t forget Jake, our dog either. A bit of a shame too, because it gives you a wonderful feeling of walking, but the loss of your partner is also great.
Because of the crowds, no word but you know what I mean, nice “slept in”. I don’t remember what time it was in the early morning, but certainly never much later than 7 o’clock. I am the only one left and after my breakfast on the spot, my provisions are plundered a bit, I can film the location. Then it is up for the last largest day distance. The 2 days following this walking day will be shorter.
The hiking trails go up and down, as in the last days, through forests, meadows and along roads. We cross a brook and pass through various villages, from very small to slightly less small and everywhere again some houses that are no longer inhabited.
The storks are also hard to find, especially towards the coast, the climate here is probably less favorable than further inland where it was sometimes very busy with regard to the nests. I also get the impression that there are fewer cows, sheep and other animals in the meadow.
The eucalyptus forests are now slowly coming my way, as expected, the closer to the coast, the more such forests. It smells wonderful, I enjoyed the air all over Spain, except in the few industrial areas near the larger cities of course. Being outside makes me realize more and more that it is a pleasure to break through the daily inner drag.
I enjoy lunch at a small kiosk en route, in the sun and overlooking a stork’s nest. The walkers, fellow pilgrims, walk along. Yes it is busier than at the start of my journey. And I repeat, but less and less walking with a backpack, the Sunday walkers are on the road.
We come together, na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-naa-na-naa-naa-naa-naa-naa-na …….

Yes, my tune, the text comes up. A Christmas song in my head in the last week of my pilgrimage, more than 6 months before Christmas. We come together, under ………… Nice but I don’t know the lyrics, but the melody. Why, Why, Pourqoui, Warum?
If I analyze it, read me, it actually works out a bit: all pilgrims come together in Santiago de Compostela. The joint end goal, perhaps rather the main goal, because many people continue on to the coast after SdC and have Fistera or Muxia as their final goal.
It is wonderful to walk today, nice weather, great sunshine and not too hot. In the woods in the shade, outside of course under an almost clear blue sky. Lovely, I also sometimes walk along a large road under construction, it seems like the new ring road of Parkstad, only in Spain.
My planning that I made last week means that I will spend the night in Salceda. This is again a small village along a main road. The alberge is a private alberge where you can also book rooms. I arrive as the first pilgrim and have the choice of one of the eight beds. You can clearly see that it is a private alberge with all the luxury that that entails. Each bed has a private light and socket, a large locker for the belongings and a shower … Unfortunately only 1 shower for the 8 pilgrims who can sleep here, but since I am the first and the next one will be an hour and a half after me, I already tried the shower. A shower with massage jets, a pleasure.
So, first enjoy the garden, on a chair with a table, a nice beer and good pilgrim company. I have a chat with a German pilgrim from former East Germany. We talk about many things, about the way of pilgrimage and how it used to be when that wall was still running through Berlin and Germany. Also about our personal experiences.
In the evening, fortunately we can already be at the table at 7 pm, enjoy the daily menu, share the table with the man from former East Germany, we still have a lot to talk about, we both have not fallen on our mouths, enough discussion material for the evening. He does not sleep in the 8-bed pilgrim room, but in a room that he shares with another pilgrim. Nice and quiet, he says, hopefully having a good night’s sleep. Only 2 men can snore, he or his roommate.
It will not be a later date for me, around 9.30 pm I will go back to my bed, walk for another 2 days. 2 more days? That last day is only 5 kilometers according to my schedule, I want to arrive early and quietly at Praza do Obradoiro on Saturday. That cannot be called a walking day. You could even do that tiger and arrive on time for the pilgrim mass.
We come together ………… .. Yes, it will work, now I just have to get that tune out of my head …… .. Or do I have to come up with another text, something I do now and then? , for the joke, but especially for myself for pleasure and entertainment.
I notice that my texts also get shorter, the closer I get to my final goal, the more I have nothing to say? I already told you everything, but of course I don’t always want to repeat everything, then you fall into repetitions and I would rather have to program an old-fashioned H in the upper left corner of your screen, as was normal 40 years ago for sports broadcasts on TV .
Well rest ….

Accommodation: Pension Turistico

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