Blogged March 2018

This is the collection of blogs related to my training, equipment and planning of my 2018 camino’s in the month of March.

So, after 4 weekends of walking the Camino on the Wad ended for us. Saturday was the last day from Weert to Maarheeze, where the Bourdon was transferred to the next region. On the 7 days of hiking from Eijsden to Maarheeze we covered 119 km. Since the weekend only contained 1 walking day, the total number of kilometers for the past is only 37.7 km.

I have to be ashamed for 2 reasons:
1. I am far too late with my message about the training week
2. The kilometers that I have covered in week 10, very poor.
Yes, that will happen if your time is short. Then the training starts on weekdays. Even now that the Camino on the Wad through Limburg has ended, the weekend kilometers are also seriously below par. I also have to state from my own interest that I have been walking around for 3 weeks with a very serious cold that just won’t stop. All in all, I don’t write lies, only covered 20 kilometers. Let’s hope there will be more in week 11. And if the prospects remain good, the week in which Easter falls will also be somewhat higher.

Now it’s going fast. No not in terms of kilometers or the speed of my walks, but the time that my departure date comes into view. The training kilometers have reached their peak, I think. Last week fortunately on Saturday, when the weather was such a low feeling of temperature, made a nice walk, plotted by the walking tower. We were with a group of 25 hikers, all with backpacks, there were even 2 who were towing a “trailer”. It was freezing cold, but the distance of 16 kilometers was worth it. And then on Sunday went to the national pilgrim mass in Roermond. Also a nice experience to be able to experience it. After the mass, all registered pilgrims were called to the front and then all together to receive the pilgrim blessing. Afterwards another cup of coffee, with pie may be consumed. It was only 41 kilometers last week, a distance that I try to cover on Easter day on 1 day, with a backpack. That is the ultimate long-distance test. If I have to do this one day on my Camino, for whatever reason, then I know how I will feel in the evening and the day after. In any case, hope that this does not have to happen.

Unfortunately, this week not much to report, again few kilometers made, but yes, you also have to let it come your way. You can now walk +20 kilometers every day, or cover large distances in the weekends, but this does not mean that things will go super well in the future. I expect that the environment, weather types and the big unknown will give much greater impact on my walking behavior. So this week only 32 kilometers.