Blogged in May 2018

This is the collection of blogs related to my training, equipment and planning of my 2018 camino’s in the month of May.

Yes, the last full week before my start there was one of very few kilometers. How the weather was not wrong, nevertheless made almost no kilometers. So also little to write, except that the departure date is coming. Do I have to mention that I only walked 25.7 kilometers? Oh well, I just do it, only 25.7 kilometers.

There he is. The full backpack for my pilgrimage is not light and hopefully not too heavy. Some things have been changed in the equipment. No sleeping bag but a sheet, no jacket and fleece vest, just the jacket, I leave my cpap at home. But get the feeling that other things have taken their place. In any case, a drinking bottle that can hold one and a half liters, not a camel bag, is more difficult to clean. 1 more night to sleep and the adventure begins.

The first day of my Camino is the train trip to Lourdes. A trip that is already booked on January 21. It could be exciting, because at the beginning of April, the French trade unions are announcing strikes for train staff. They will follow a strike pattern for 3 months. First strike 2 days and then work 3 days. As soon as it became known just watch the strike calendar. It looked good. But you never know how it will turn out. The unions are like cats that can make strange jumps. The day before departure no strange messages seen on the site, favorable sign. But still you don’t sleep well. I just want to make sure that everything goes well, no strikes, for anyone else, but yes. Now almost 4 months later I am writing this on the piece from Paris to Lourdes. I think it is indeed letting go and surrendering. Saint James will help you. Will this be the first time that he has accompanied me? Walking from Gare so Nord to Gare Montparnasse and on the way just visited the Tour Saint Jacques. Arrived in Lourdes with only half an hour delay. Step 1 has been taken.