Blogged in February 2018

This is the collection of blogs related to my training, equipment and planning of my 2018 camino’s in the month of February.

Similarly the 2nd outward journey is now booked. No I am not going to travel twice to a starting place, but now my wife’s outward journey is known. She goes by plane to Santiago de Compostela. I hope to have already completed my trip from Lourdes, so that I can pick her up at the airport. Together we will go hiking the Camino Inglés. The flight will take place 1 day earlier than originally intended. This means that I also have to be in SdC 1 day earlier. So, yesterday the 2 route booklets arrived in the letterbox. The thinnest book should last the longest.

Thus, our shells, by which you recognize the pilgrim, have received their eyes. Now looking for a nice red ribbon or rope and then it can be attached to the backpacks. Yes you read that right, backpacks. Today I also bought my wife’s backpack.

As if the little devil is playing with it, but this week was not worthy of being noted on my blog in terms of distances, only 51 km this time. The other activities, family, work and dog took (luckily) a little more time, which means that walking this week is considerably behind what I would like. But this weekend the Camino on the Wad started. Together we signed up to walk the entire route through Limburg. This weekend was the start in Eijsden and we walked through the first stop in Maastricht on the 2nd day to Houtem-Sint Gerlach. A total of just under 30 km on the Caminopad in reverse order. Heard nice stories from fellow walkers who have already walked Camino’s.

So, now also our scallops ready. Nice red ribbon for attaching to our backpacks.

The equipment is slowly growing. Last week we bought our sleeping bags, lightweight. Also only 2 small light LED lights. And the start of our personal care equipment is also coming in steadily. So what for sleeping and washing. But we still don’t have everything together. Fortunately we also have some time for this.
Below is an overview of the training weeks until my departure for lourdes. No day-to-day overview but just per week. If I cannot train due to private circumstances, the kilometers and time in the weeks will stand out. I actually want to see an upward trend, but that will not work. What I would like to see is to exceed 100 kilometers for a few weeks.

107-01-1838,1 km11 hour 29 min
214-01-1851,4 km14 hour 18 min
321-01-1855,0 km14 hour 18 min
428-01-1859,4 km16 hour 20 min
504-02-1850,3 km16 hour
611-02-1872,1 km18 hour 46 min
718-02-18121,6 km28 hour 45 min
825-02-1854,8 km16 hour 11 min
904-03-1837,7 km12 hour 5 min
1011-03-1820,0 km4 hour 32 min
1118-03-1840,8 km14 hour 26 min
1225-03-1831,9 km9 hour 54 min
1301-04-1850,9 km13 hour 14 min
1408-04-1824,2 km11 hour 25 min
1515-04-1840,9 km13 hour
1622-04-1843,1 km15 hour 33 min
1729-04-1853,9 km18 hour 14 min
1806-05-1825,7 km10 hour 34 min
ps. this is data from Google Fitso all steps countedTotal after week 18:872 kilometer

Carnival started last week. This means that on these 5 crazy days, from Saturday to Wednesday (actually not a crazy day) I can make some more kilometers. This is also directly reflected in the total mileage this week and next week. With a little luck, week 7 will reach the 100 kilometer limit. So we covered 72 kilometers last week.

So, my first goal, to cover more than 100 kilometers twice in 1 week, has more or less already been achieved. But my training schedule runs from Monday to Sunday, so I have officially only passed 100 times. This weekend again had 2 walking days from Camino on the Wad. On Saturday we walked from Houthem-Sint Gerlach to Sittard (22 km) and on Sunday it was the turn of Sittard-Roosteren (15 km). We are now in half, 3 more walking days and then the stick is literally and figuratively transferred to the Brabant department. So this week I covered 120 kilometers, partly due to the days off with Carnival, during which I always walked 4 hours. From Carnival’s Saturday to Ash Wednesday, there were 118 km, but from Monday to Sunday, therefore, 120 km.

So, another week has passed, so another week shorter at the departure date. Not so much walked last week. Was to be expected i.v.m. bustle here and there. During the 3rd weekend of the Camino on the Wad we walked in 2 stages from Roosteren to Ittervoort and from Ittervoort to Weert. Together these were some 36 kilometers due to the icy cold. The chill factor was decent in some places, especially on the dikes along the Maas and in the open field. But the sun on both days was sublime. So this week only 55 kilometers traveled.