Arrival in Lisboa

At 03.50 am my watch started shaking…. Time to get up and prepare…. Maricon woke up also…. And after being up, dressing up, washing teeth and face, taking Jake the Husky for a last walk and beginning our trip to Eindhoven airport.

For a long time allowed to drive faster than 100 km. So we arrived early and there was enough of time at the airport. Saying goodbye to my girls and bring my backpack to the luggage counter. I was not the only one to travel.

In the plane 1 row for me alone. The row behind me was empty. But the plane was filled for about 70%. We left and arrived on time, with s little bit of turbulence, and a bit of sleeping time.

Got my backup, took off the plastic and by metro to the city. 1 stopover and arriving some where in Lisbon. Just 15 minutes walking to the main cathedral. Buying my Portuguese Pilgrim passport, going the tour of the cathedral and light a candle for a save Camino.

The Iglesia Santiago was closed so I couldn’t go in, instead I had lunch. After lunch a bit of site-seeing and walking to my overnight stay: Home Hostel Lisboa. Unfortunately the rooms were not clean yet, so I walked a bit more through Lisboa.

Coming back to the hostel at 15.15 the rooms were still not ready, so I had a beer, 1 large for just €3,00. After drinking my beer I signed up for dinner inside the hostel, just €10,00 for 3 “hallways” (Dutch translation).

Now I am resting and making this blog. What is going to happen tonight, maybe you’ll read it tomorrow in my next blog, or you’ll have to wait until I write my whole story.

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